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September 2008

MSIBC – Proven 7 second performance

Fastest Skyline in Europe Holds Onto Its Crown With the Gizzmo MS-IBC

The Fastest Skyline in Europe, owned and "piloted" by John Bradshaw, ran a 7.75s 1/4 at 176mph this weekend (28th September 2008) at Santa Pod in the Nationals.

This Gizzmo Sponsored Animal of a GTS-T is Rear Wheel Drive and only 2.8 litre!
The Gizzmo MS-IBC Electronic Boost Controller it runs made a significant difference over the Electronic Boost Controller that was fitted previously. In conjunction with other modifications Johns GTST has dropped from mid 8s to an 8.1 second 1/4 earlier in the summer. Project GTST has now run three back-to-back 7 second passes in one day on low boost!!!

Official figures are yet to be announced, but it rumoured to make 1140hp at the hubs at a rock steady 2.2 bar without Nitrous on high boost and over 1000hp at the hubs on low boost.

It will be back at Santa Pod for the Jap Finale next weekend. A 7.6 second pass could be on the cards if conditions allow the full force of 2.2 bar to be unleashed!

Specification also includes a Gizzmo Phenolic Thermal Intake Gasket.

Congratulations to…
Andy Robinson
John Bradshaw and the Project GTST Team

September 2008

Gizzmo DSII & DSII-L Shift lights Now available from Gizzmo NZ

Gizzmo has started the release of its next generation of shift lights.
Now available in New Zealand are the DSII and DSII-L
These are without a doubt the very best shift lights available today having a Super Tiny profile of 13mm X 61mm (.5in X 2.4in) and weighing from a mere 49 grams (1.7oz) on the DSII to 55 grams(1.9oz) with the DSII-L and that is complete with the loom.
The only differences between the DSII and DSII-L are that the DSII-L can interface with the Gizzmo Launch Interface and has a different LED colour combination for the shift and pre-shift points.

Within the 100% Carbon Fiber case both shift lights feature a full Microprocessor sampling your RPM signal in 16bit resolution at 0.0000045 of a second (222,222 times per second).
In addition to this both shift lights have 3 intensity settings so that you won’t get blinded at night or not see it on a bright summers day.
The DSII and DSII-L are both touch sensitive so there are no switches or buttons, you simply touch them with your finger and they‘ll react immediately.


New Gizzmo K-mon:

For a long time now, the performance tuning market has lacked a useable, accurate precision knock monitor to use in conjunction with a dyno. Gizzmo have now solved this problem with the Kmon that has been designed with tuners for tuners.